Mastering The Art Of Selecting The Right Sized Terrace Heater

As winter approaches, the desire to take advantage of outdoor spaces can be significantly hampered by the cold temperatures and biting winds, particularly patio and terrace gatherings. The solution? A patio or terrace heater. However, choosing the right size terrace heater requires a nuanced understanding of heater types, space considerations, safety and environmental aspects.

close-up hoverfly enjoying pollen on blossom yellow flowerUnderstanding Heater Types

Primarily, there are two types of terrace heaters – fuel-fired (propane or natural gas) and electric heaters. Fuel-fired heaters are popular for their ease of use, mobility, and high heat output. These heaters are excellent for outdoor spaces like an open terrace where winds can easily sweep away heat. The problem, however, is finding the right size. Too small, and it struggles to heat the space; too large, and you risk wasted energy and potential safety issues.

Electric heaters, on the other hand, are cleaner and easier to maintain. They are ideal for semi-enclosed terraces with access to electricity. However, their infrared heating means they heat objects, not the air, so positioning and direct line of sight are crucial for effectiveness.

Assessing Your Space

Calculation is key to finding the right size. Start by measuring the area of your terrace (length x width for square or rectangular terraces). Once you've got a number in square feet, consider the heater’s British Thermal Unit (BTU) or Watts rating.

Choose from a curated selection of flower photos. Always free on Unsplash.A general rule of thumb is that each person will need roughly 5,000 BTU or 1,500 Watts to stay warm. However, this varies based on other factors like outdoor temperature, wind speed, and how well-insulated your outdoor space is. As a benchmark, a heater of 40,000 BTUs should adequately warm an area of about 20 feet in diameter for propane heaters. An electric heater with 1500W can heat approximately 15-square feet area.

Consider Safety and Environment

In selecting the right size of the heater, safety is paramount. Both propane and electric heaters need open space and ventilation. Propane heaters especially need a clearance of at least 3 feet at the top and sides.

Additionally, while propane heaters emit carbon dioxide, it is minimal and considered safe for outdoor use. Electric heaters have no emissions but do contribute indirectly to greenhouse gases depending on the source of your electricity.

Make sure to draft out what you are looking for from your patio heater. Consider your space, your likely usage, your convenience, as well as your commitment to safety and environmental preservation. With that knowledge, even as a chilly winter descends, you will have your terrace or patio brimming with warmth and cheer.

Selecting the perfect size patio heater is both a science and an art. It is a balance between functionality and aesthetics, comfort and safety. Armed with this knowledge of patio heater types, determining the right size and the safety measures needed, you are well on your way to prolong your outdoor experiences into the colder months. It's not just about surviving winter anymore; it's about embracing it.


Choosing the right size terrace heater no longer needs to be a complicated task. Remember, knowing your space's size and having a clear idea about the type of heater suitable for your area are fundamentally important. Always consider safety measures, environmental issues, and utility costs before making a purchase. A well-chosen terrace heater can transform your outdoor winter experience, turning frosty nights into cozy gatherings. As you make your selection, remember that the key measure of success is not just warmth, but also the comfort and enjoyment of your terrace space all year round.

Mastering The Art Of Selecting The Right Sized Terrace Heater Mastering The Art Of Selecting The Right Sized Terrace Heater Reviewed by Stormy Dof on February 11, 2024 Rating: 5

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