Choosing The Ideal Outdoor Terrace Heater: A Comprehensive Guide

As the full swing of fall gallops gently towards the colder temperatures of winter, the outdoor lifestyle for many is sacrificed when the nights get cold and blistering. But doesn't have to be this way. With the right outdoor terrace heater, you can extend your summer, converting those nippy evenings into cozy moments outdoors. Here, we explore the variables you should consider when choosing a terrace heater, and present an overview of some of the top models available.

Firstly, it's cardinal to acknowledge that not all outdoor heaters are created equal. While they all serve to generate warmth, they differ in fuel type, heat output, safety features, and design. Making the right choice of a terrace heater thus calls for an informed buyer.

Fuel type is the first consideration to make when buying an outdoor heater. The models on the market run on propane, natural gas, electricity, or bioethanol. Propane heaters are the most common types owing to their portability and large heat output. They come with a space to hide the tank, hence maintaining aesthetics. Natural gas heaters demand a permanent natural gas line, making them less portable but offering a constant fuel supply. Electric heaters are eco-friendly, simple to operate and require minimal maintenance. Bioethanol heaters are a recent entry in the market, offering real flames without smoke or odor. Your choice of a heater fuel type primarily depends on the availability of the fuel source and environmental considerations.

The heat output of the heater is also a crucial consideration. Measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) for gas heaters and watts for electric heaters, the heat output will determine the area the heater can warm. Larger terraces need heaters with high heat output and vice versa.

Safety features are a non-negotiable aspect of any terrace heater. These comprise the anti-tilt switch which shuts off fuel supply when the heater is tipped over, safety certified ceramic glass, and safety grill to prevent accidental burns.

Lastly, the design of the heater should blend with your outdoor décor. Popular designs include freestanding, hang-mounted, tabletop, and wall-mounted models. Freestanding models are larger, and their heat covers a larger area. Mounted heaters save on space but their heat coverage isn't as expansive. Tabletop heaters are portable and best for small gatherings.

Having examined the fundamental considerations when buying a terrace heater, let’s delve into some significant models on the market.

The Fire Sense Propane Patio Heater leads the pack in the propane category. It has an impressive heat output of 46,000 BTUs, ample to warm a large terrace. The heater comes with wheels for easy mobility and a safety tilt valve. Its stylish design is an appealing addition to your outdoor space.

Green leafThe Bromic Tungsten Smart Wifi Infrared Electric Patio Heater is top of its class among electric heaters. Its standout feature is the wifi control that lets you adjust heat levels from your phone. The heater also has a weather resistance certification, extending its lifespan.

For those leaning towards natural gas heaters, the Patio Comfort Natural Gas Patio Heater is worth considering. It’s a freestanding model with an impressive 41,500 BTUs, ensuring your large terrace is adequately heated.

In terms of bioethanol heaters, the Planika Galio Fire Pit Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace is arguably the fairest of them all. Its beautiful luminescent flame makes for a perfect centerpiece, coupled with heat output to warm your guests throughout the night. It comes with an automatic fuel pump and an anti-tilt mechanism for safety and convenience.

In conclusion, an outdoor heater can be a game-changer in your cold season outdoor experience. Inexhaustible options are available. The important thing is to pick a terrace heater that suits your needs, combining functionality and aesthetics. Now, you can enjoy that cup of cocoa on your terrace, regardless of the dropping mercury levels. The right outdoor terrace heater draws in the comfort and warmth of your living room to your favorite outdoor spot.

Choosing The Ideal Outdoor Terrace Heater: A Comprehensive Guide Choosing The Ideal Outdoor Terrace Heater: A Comprehensive Guide Reviewed by Stormy Dof on September 03, 2023 Rating: 5

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