Stay Warm and Cozy with the Star Patio Outdoor Freestanding Electric Patio Heater

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The Star Patio Outdoor Freestanding Electric Patio Heater is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Whether you're hosting a Christmas party or simply want to enjoy the outdoors during the colder months, this heater will keep you warm and cozy.

1) Safer and cleaner to use. Does not output CO2 like propane or natural gas heaters that burn fossil fuels.
2) No dangerous tanks, no plumbing and no ventilation needed.
3) Mount horizontally or vertically.


Electric heaters have several advantages:
- The heat warms objects over a wide area, providing a larger area in which you and your guests can stay warm.
- Electric heaters do not have a flame and do not burn oxygen, making them safer for indoor use compared to heaters with real flames.
- They are safe to use without worries about pressurized gas or storing cylinders.
- Electric heaters are silent and do not produce any smells.
- They are compact and easy to store.
- Infrared rays warm instantly, providing a feeling of comfort from the moment it is switched on.
- Electric heaters are efficient and unaffected by drafts.
- They are also economical and environmentally friendly, with low running costs compared to gas heating.

- Dimensions: 11.02'' in diameter, 43.31'' in height
- Weight: 12.3lbs
- Materials: Aluminum frame, steel base plate, steel with flocked mesh
- Power Cord Length: 7.8ft
- Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
- Watts: 1500W
- Type of tube: Golden tube
- Lifespan: 8000 hours
- Switch: Rocker Switch
- BTUs: 5100
- Certifications: cSGSus
- Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
- LED Flame Light: Yes

Packing Contents:
- 1 x Electric Patio Heater
- 1 x Base Plate
- 3 x Screws
- 1 x Allen Key
- 1 x User Manual

Now is the perfect time to invest in the Star Patio Outdoor Freestanding Electric Patio Heater. Stay warm and cozy while enjoying the outdoors. Don't miss out on this amazing product!



Is this heater safe to use indoors?
Yes, the Star Patio Outdoor Freestanding Electric Patio Heater is safe to use indoors as it does not have a flame and does not burn oxygen.

What is the warranty for this product?
This heater comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Can this heater be mounted vertically?
Yes, this heater can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

How long is the power cord?
The power cord of this heater is 7.8ft long.

In conclusion, the Star Patio Outdoor Freestanding Electric Patio Heater is a safe, clean, and efficient option for staying warm and cozy outdoors. With its infrared heating technology and LED flame light, it provides instant warmth and a beautiful ambiance. Its compact design and easy storage make it a convenient choice for any outdoor space. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the outdoors even during colder seasons. Get yours today!


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