Healeved Indoor Heater - The Perfect Small Portable Heater for Your Home

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Package List

- 3 x USB Heater
- 90 x Mats


-Material: Plastic, Organic Filling Material mat kit
-Size: 8.50X5.00X2.50cm/3.34X1.97X0 home supplies
-Color: White, Sky blue repelling heater
-Provide health and daily life protection for children and adults. It is a very useful indoor heater.
-Manufactured with professional technology to ensure the good material of the products USB heater.
-Features a simple structure, which provides convenience to operate. It is a very useful mat and heater.
-Great tools that can also help you keep a comfortable working status.
-This is a heater with a mat, which can repel rodents very well. It is convenient and practical small heater.

Goods Description

The Healeved Indoor Heater is made using high-class materials, making it practical and durable. It is easy to use and not easy to deform, providing you with a lot of convenience. Whether you need some extra warmth in your office, home, or even in your car, this small portable heater is the perfect solution. It is designed to provide health and daily life protection for both children and adults. With its simple structure and professional technology, the Healeved Indoor Heater ensures your safety and comfort. Don't miss out on this professional and reasonably priced heating solution!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Healeved Indoor Heater suitable for use in a car?

Yes, the Healeved Indoor Heater is designed to be portable and can be used in a car using a USB connection.

2. How does the heater repel rodents?

The heater is equipped with a mat that helps repel rodents. It is designed to create an environment that is uncomfortable and unwelcoming for rodents, making it an effective solution for rodent control.

3. Does the heater come with a warranty?

Please refer to the warranty information provided by the manufacturer or seller for details on the warranty coverage of the Healeved Indoor Heater.

4. Can the heater be used outdoors?

The Healeved Indoor Heater is primarily designed for indoor use. It is not recommended for outdoor use as it may not be able to provide sufficient heat in open spaces.


The Healeved Indoor Heater is a versatile and reliable heating solution for your home, office, or even your car. Its compact size and USB connection make it convenient to use anywhere. With its high-quality materials and professional technology, this heater ensures your safety and provides the warmth and comfort you need. Don't miss out on this reasonably priced and highly practical heating solution - get your Healeved Indoor Heater today!


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