DOMETIC FreshJet 3 Series, RV Standard Mechanical Rooftop Air Conditioner, 13.5K BTU, White

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DOMETIC FreshJet 3 Series: The Perfect RV Air Conditioner

The DOMETIC FreshJet 3 Series rooftop air conditioner is the ultimate cooling solution for RV owners. With its innovative features and state-of-the-art technology, this air conditioning unit provides campers with exceptional comfort and convenience on their adventures. Whether you're traveling in hot weather or cold, the FreshJet 3 Series ensures that your RV stays cool and comfortable.

Fast Cooling and Quiet Operation

The FreshJet 3 Series is designed to cool your RV quickly and quietly. Its innovative blower system moves an average of 350 cubic feet of cool air per minute, providing a faster cooldown in hot ambient temperatures. Additionally, this air conditioner features a 4dB reduction in noise level, ensuring restful nights and peaceful sleep for you and your family.

Lightweight and Durable

One notable feature of the FreshJet 3 Series is its lightweight design. Weighing only 64 lbs, it is 14% lighter than other rooftop air conditioners in its class. This makes it easier to install and reduces the overall weight of your RV. The unit also features EPP foam insulation, which not only reduces weight but also provides protection and noise reduction for a more restful sleep.

Advanced Design and Backwards Compatibility

The FreshJet 3 Series is built with advanced materials and a modern design. The composite base pan and shroud not only look sleek and stylish, but also contribute to the overall weight-saving design. Furthermore, this air conditioner is backwards compatible, meaning you can easily upgrade your existing unit without the need for major modifications. This makes setting up your new air conditioner hassle-free.


1. Is installation difficult?

No, installation of the FreshJet 3 Series is straightforward and can be done by following the provided instructions. However, it is recommended to seek professional assistance if you are unsure or inexperienced with installing air conditioning units.

2. Can the FreshJet 3 Series be used in all types of RVs?

The FreshJet 3 Series is designed for standard mechanical rooftop air conditioning in RVs. It is best suited for non-ducted units. If you have a different type of RV air conditioning system, it is recommended to consult with a professional to determine compatibility.

3. Does the FreshJet 3 Series come with a warranty?

Yes, Dometic offers a warranty on the FreshJet 3 Series. It is advisable to check the warranty details with the manufacturer or seller before making a purchase.


The DOMETIC FreshJet 3 Series rooftop air conditioner is the ideal cooling solution for RV owners. With its innovative features, lightweight design, and quiet operation, it offers exceptional comfort and convenience on your RV adventures. Upgrade your RV air conditioning system today with the FreshJet 3 Series and enjoy a cool and comfortable travel experience.

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