SereneLife Infrared Patio Heater: Stay Warm and Cozy Indoors or Outdoors

Are you looking for a convenient and efficient way to keep yourself warm, whether indoors or outdoors? The SereneLife Infrared Patio Heater is the perfect solution for you. With its versatile features and sleek design, this portable table heater is suitable for use in restaurants, patios, backyards, garages, and decks. Let's take a closer look at what this heater has to offer.


  • High Rated Aluminum Reflector: The heater is equipped with a high-rated aluminum reflector that offers sun-like infrared heating, ensuring efficient and even heat distribution.

  • Mesh Grille Front: The included mesh grille front adds an extra layer of protection and safety.

  • Odorless and No Gas or Propane Use: The electric patio heater operates without any gas or propane, providing you with a clean and odorless heating experience.

  • Remote Control Standing Heater: Control the heater easily with the included remote control.

  • Dust and Waterproof Design: The heater is designed to be dust and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use.

  • Multi-function Disco Light with Remote Control: Add a fun and festive atmosphere to your outdoor gatherings with the built-in disco light, which can be controlled with the remote.

  • Anodized Extruded Aluminum Alloy Housing: The heater features a durable and corrosion-resistant anodized extruded aluminum alloy housing.

  • High-Efficiency Carbon Fibre Heating Elements: The heating elements are made of high-efficiency carbon fiber, ensuring energy-efficient and effective heat generation.

  • Three Power Settings: The heater offers three power settings - low, medium, and high - allowing you to adjust the heat intensity according to your preference.

  • Tip-over Safety Switch: For added safety, the heater is equipped with a tip-over safety switch, ensuring it automatically shuts off if accidentally tipped over.

  • IP44 Approved: The heater is IP44 approved, providing protection against splashing water from any direction.

  • Overheat Protection and Quiet Operation: The heater features an overheat protection system to prevent overheating. It operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy warmth without any disturbances.

Technical Specifications

  • Construction Material: Aluminum Alloy Frame, Stainless Steel Base Cover

  • Power Supply: 1500W

  • 3 Heat Levels: Low (500 Watts), Medium (1000 Watts), High (1500 Watts)

  • Heating Area: 25 sq. ft.

  • Maximum Amperage: 12.5 Amps

  • Timer: 9 Hours

  • Battery Life: Up to 2+ Hours

  • Battery Operated Remote: 1.5V, (2) x ‘AAA’ Batteries (not included)

  • Power Cable Length: 2 Meters, 120V

  • Base Cover Size: 11'' -inches (Diameter)

  • Heat Warm Range: Around 10-15 Square Meters

  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 11'' x 11'' x 57'' -inches

What's in the Box?

The SereneLife Infrared Patio Heater comes with the following items:

  • 1500 Watt Electric Patio Heater

  • Allen Wrench

  • (2) M6 x 8-mm Screws

  • (2) M6 x 27-mm Screws

  • (2) Screw M4 x 28 Screws

  • (2) Screw M6 x 35 Screws

  • (2) Screw M4 x 20 Screws

  • (1) Camping Board

  • (1) Cover

  • (2) Washer

  • (1) Remote Controller


The SereneLife Infrared Patio Heater is a reliable and versatile heating solution that can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its powerful heating elements, convenient remote control, and safety features, it provides efficient and safe warmth in any setting. Whether you need to warm up your patio, backyard, or even your garage, this electric patio heater is up to the task.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy warmth and comfort wherever you are. Get the SereneLife Infrared Patio Heater today and experience cozy evenings all year round.

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