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Package Include

1 x Kerosene Stove Heater


  • It comes with the rotary knob design, which allows you to adjust the fire while cooking outdoor camp cooking stove.

  • Simple in structure, very easy to operate. Fine workmanship ensures the practicality and durability kerosene heater.

  • Easy to kerosene, replace the grill pan or net. Good accessories for indoor and outdoor picnic stove.

  • This kerosene burning stove is made of premium material, which can withstand the long use barbecue kerosene stove.

  • Material: Iron camping stove

  • Color: Green stove with button

  • You can use it for outdoor fire making, camping and barbecue, indoor and outdoor use, etc indoor kerosene pot.

  • Size: 17.50X17.00X17.00cm/6.88X6.68X6 camp stove.

Goods Description

Camp stove Lightweight, easy to carry, can be outdoors and at home, powerful, convenient and practical.

Kerosene pot outdoor camping and barbecue use.

Indoor kerosene pot Perfect size make it fit with enough kerosene, and the adjustable button ensures the safety and comfort when using.

Kerosene burner Made of good and practical iron material, durable and practical.

Portable outdoor heater Long service life


## FAQ
1. Can this portable stove be used both indoors and outdoors?
Yes, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, such as camping, barbecues, and outdoor fire making.

2. Is the fire adjustable on this kerosene burning stove?
Yes, the stove comes with a rotary knob design that allows you to adjust the fire while cooking.

3. What is the size of this portable burner?
The size of this portable burner is 17.50X17.00X17.00cm/6.88X6.68X6.

4. Is the stove durable?
Yes, the stove is made of premium iron material, ensuring its durability and long service life.

## Conclusion
The Outanaya Heater Portable Stove is a versatile and practical tool for indoor and outdoor use. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and can be used for camping, barbecues, and outdoor fire making. The stove comes with a rotary knob design for adjusting the fire while cooking, and it is made of durable iron material. Whether you need a portable stove for your outdoor adventures or for indoor use, this kerosene burning stove is a great choice.

To purchase the Outanaya Heater Portable Stove, visit [Amazon.com](https://amazon.com/dp/B0BVQ212XZ?tag=whopy03-20).

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