Wind Talk Space Heaters: The Perfect Indoor Heating Solution

Wind Talk focuses on the research and development of home appliances for healthy living environments. We adhere to independent originality and break with traditional personality. Strive to integrate advanced technology and fashion design styles to create high-quality home appliances. In the years to come, Wind Talk will continue to provide satisfactory and honest service to each of our customers and make your life better.

Advantages of Wind Talk Space Heater

  • 1S Instant Heat: The 1500W PTC & upgraded dual motor will rapidly heat up your space in a few seconds.

  • 24/7 Always On Mode: Perfect winter heating mode for garage, basement, plant, pet, etc.

  • 3D Heating: Up down 65° Wind Direction, left right 70° Oscillation. Spreading warmth wherever you want.

  • ECO Mode: Our electric space heater will keep the temperature constant while saving you on bills.

  • Multiple Safety Protection: With V0 flame-retardant, overheat & tip-over switch, 24h auto shut-off, and ETL-certified.

Powerful & Safe Space Heater

Heat up your space fast and safely with the 1500W PTC.


Keep Fitness in Freezing Days

No need to fear the cold weather with our indoor space heater.


Multiple Safety Protection

Our space heater provides the safest protection for your home and family.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Wind Talk Space Heater suitable for office use?

Yes, the Wind Talk Space Heater is safe and ideal for office use. It has multiple safety protection features and can provide instant heat to keep you warm and comfortable during work hours.

Does the Wind Talk Space Heater have a timer function?

Yes, the Wind Talk Space Heater comes with a 24-hour timer function. You can set it to automatically turn on or off at a specific time, providing convenience and energy savings.

Can the Wind Talk Space Heater oscillate and distribute heat in multiple directions?

Yes, the Wind Talk Space Heater has a 3D heating feature. It can oscillate up to 65° in wind direction and 70° in left-right oscillation. This ensures that the warmth is spread evenly throughout the room.


Wind Talk Space Heaters are a reliable and efficient way to keep your indoor spaces warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. With features like instant heat, 24/7 operation, 3D heating, and multiple safety protection, these space heaters offer convenience and peace of mind. Whether you need a heater for your office, bedroom, or any other room in your home, the Wind Talk Space Heater is a great choice.

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