Outdoor Heaters for Patio Propane Wall Heaters Anti Heat Cover Avoid Scalding Injury for Both Indoor and Outdoor Places

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The Halogen Parasol Patio Heater provides up to 2000W of pleasant warmth, allowing you to stay outdoors for dinner parties, BBQs, or family activities for longer, even when the evenings turn chilly.

Designed to fit parasol poles from 35 - 60mm in diameter, this super-efficient and powerful heater is designed to heat you rather than the surrounding air.

If you are looking for outdoor heaters for your patio, propane wall heaters with an anti-heat cover are the ideal choice. They provide a safe and convenient way to keep warm in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

By using a propane wall heater, you can avoid scalding injuries that may occur with other types of heaters. The anti-heat cover ensures that the heat is directed towards you and not the surrounding environment, making it safer for everyone.

These heaters are perfect for any outdoor gathering, whether it's a party, BBQ, or simply enjoying the outdoors with your family. They can provide you with the warmth you need to stay comfortable and cozy, even in cooler temperatures.

In addition to their safety features, these heaters are also easy to install and use. They are wall-mounted, which makes them convenient and space-saving. You can easily adjust the temperature to your liking and enjoy the heat wherever you need it.

With their great rust protection and water resistance, these propane wall heaters are suitable for a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces. Whether it's your home, office, garage, backyard, or balcony, you can rely on these heaters to provide you with efficient and reliable heat.

- Application: Outdoor, Hotel, Garage, Commercial, Household
- Installation: Wall Mounted
- Category: Electric heaters, Patio heaters
- Length of power cord: 1.8 meters
- Colour: Silver
- Product size(IN): 45*15*10cm
- N.W.(KG): 1.5
- Specification: 1500w
- Power Source: Electric
- Heating Element: Halogen
- Function: Adjustable Thermostat, Waterproof
- Use: Bathroom, Bedroom, Garden, Living Room, Bar, Outdoor areas
- Water Proof Grade: IP55
- Material Of Frame: Anodized Extruded Aluminium
- Heating Lamp ON-OFF
- Safety switch: Yes, available
- G.W.(KG): 2.1

Start enjoying your warm winter with these efficient and versatile outdoor heaters. They will help you expel the winter coldness and bring spring-like warmth to you and your family.


Q: Can these outdoor heaters be used indoors as well?
A: Yes, these outdoor heaters can be used indoors as well. However, make sure to follow safety guidelines and provide proper ventilation in indoor spaces.

Q: Are these heaters easy to install?
A: Yes, these heaters are wall-mounted and easy to install. They come with clear instructions and can be mounted on various surfaces.


Outdoor heaters are a great addition to any patio or outdoor space. They provide a comfortable and cozy environment, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities even during colder temperatures. With their safety features and easy installation, propane wall heaters with anti-heat covers are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

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