Stay Warm and Cozy with the Indoor Great Room Convection Heater

Winter brings with it cozy evenings, soft sweaters, and hot chocolate, but it also comes with extreme cold temperatures. Thanks to the Indoor Great Room Convection Heater, you can now stay warm and comfortable indoors without worrying about high heating bills.

This space heater is designed to generate warm airflow and distribute it evenly throughout your room, helping you achieve and maintain your desired temperature. Unlike other indoor heaters, this unit is equipped with a range of safety features. It automatically shuts off if it tips over or overheats, giving you peace of mind while you stay cozy.

Key Features:

  • Realistic flame display for a cozy ambiance

  • 8-hour timer for convenient heating

  • 2 modes: high heat and low heat

  • Automatic thermostat to maintain the desired temperature

  • Remote control for easy operation

  • Safety features: automatic shut-off if tipped over or overheated

  • Memory function to save your preferred settings

Product Specifications:

  • Name: Indoor Great Room Convection Heater

  • Color: Silver

  • Operation mode: Remote control

  • Heating method: Aluminum sheet heat dissipation

  • Rated voltage: 220V

  • Rated power: 2000W/2200W

  • Application area: 400 - 1000 square feet

  • Noise range: ≤40dB

  • Size: 2000W - 43×5.5×11 inches; 2200W - 51×5.5×11 inches

  • Weight: 2000W model - about 26lb; 2200W model - about 31lb

Package Included: 1× Indoor Great Room Convection Heater

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use this heater to heat my entire house?

No, this heater is designed to heat a single room or a smaller area. It is not suitable for whole house heating.

2. Is the flame display adjustable?

No, the flame display is purely decorative and cannot be adjusted or turned off.

3. Can I set a specific temperature?

Yes, the heater has an automatic thermostat that allows you to set and maintain your desired temperature.

4. Can I schedule the heater to turn on and off?

Yes, the heater has an 8-hour timer that allows you to schedule when it turns on and off.

5. How loud is the heater?

The noise range of this heater is ≤40dB, which is relatively quiet for a space heater.


The Indoor Great Room Convection Heater is a reliable and efficient solution for staying warm during the winter months. With its realistic flame display, safety features, and convenient remote control, this heater offers both comfort and peace of mind. Don't let the cold weather keep you from enjoying cozy evenings - get your Indoor Great Room Convection Heater today!

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