Diesel Parking Heater with Mounting Accessories 3 Ports Universal Car Truck Fan Heater Black Red Compact Air Heater in winter 12V 500W Portable car Windscreen Demister Defroster

## Diesel Parking Heater with Mounting Accessories: Keep Your Car Warm and Defrosted in Winter

With winter approaching, it's important to make sure your car stays warm and defrosted. The Diesel Parking Heater with Mounting Accessories is the perfect solution for those chilly mornings and frosty windows. This compact air heater is designed to fit any car or truck and provides efficient heating and defrosting capabilities.

### Specifications

- Material: Red Copper + Iron + Aluminum
- Color: Black, Red
- Type: Cold And Warm Integral
- Voltage: 12V
- Current: 10A
- Power Consumption: 50W
- Scope Of Application: Any Model
- Number Of Exhaust Fans: 2
- Number Of Air Outlets: 3
- Number Of Thick Copper Pipes: 8
- Rotating Speed: 6500
- Low Noise: Yes
- Temperature Range: Around 80 Degrees Celsius
- Size:
- Length * Width * Height: 250*160*88mm/9.84*6.30*3.46inch
- Air Outlet Hole Diameter: 40mm/1.57inch

### Features

The Diesel Parking Heater is designed with convenience and functionality in mind. Its exterior design features a compact size of 250*160*88mm/9.84*6.30*3.46inch, making it easy to install in any car or truck. The heater has three large air outlets with a diameter of 40mm/1.57inch, ensuring that warm air is evenly distributed throughout the vehicle.

In terms of performance, this heater is top-notch. It adopts an integrated cooling and heating design, operating at a voltage of 12V and a current of 10A. With a power consumption rate of 50W and two built-in flow fans, the heater can reach a maximum speed of 6500 rpm. This means that it can quickly and efficiently heat up your car, defrosting the windows and eliminating any fog or frost buildup.

Not only does this Diesel Parking Heater excel in performance, but it also offers other advantages. It has a temperature range of around 80 degrees Celsius, allowing for effective heat distribution. Additionally, it has high thermal efficiency, energy-saving capabilities, and is remarkably quiet, producing almost no noise.

### What's Included

When you purchase the Diesel Parking Heater, you will receive a black/red car fan heater, suitable for use in winter and compatible with most car models. The package also includes the necessary mounting accessories, making installation a breeze.

### Frequently Asked Questions

**Q: Can I install this heater in any car or truck?**
A: Yes, the Diesel Parking Heater is designed to fit any car or truck model.

**Q: How quickly does this heater defrost the windows?**
A: With its high-performance capabilities, this heater can rapidly defrost windows and eliminate fog or frost buildup.

**Q: Is the heater noisy?**
A: No, the Diesel Parking Heater operates quietly, producing minimal noise.

**Q: Does this heater have energy-saving features?**
A: Yes, this heater has high thermal efficiency and is energy-saving.

### Conclusion

The Diesel Parking Heater with Mounting Accessories is an essential winter accessory for every car or truck owner. With its compact size, excellent performance, and energy-saving features, this heater will keep your vehicle warm and defrosted, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even on the coldest days.

Don't let winter catch you off guard. Get your Diesel Parking Heater today and enjoy the benefits of a warm and defrosted car. [Buy now on Amazon.com](https://amazon.com/dp/B09HRT1Z93?tag=whopy03-20)

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