andily 500W Space Electric Small Heater for Home&Office Indoor Use on Desk with Safety Power Switch PTC BLACK

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## FAQ

**1. How much power does this heater consume?**
This andily 500W space heater consumes 500 watts of power.

**2. Is it safe to use this heater on a desk?**
Yes, this heater is designed for home and office indoor use on a desk and has a safety power switch.

**3. Is the heater black in color?**
Yes, this heater is available in black color.

**4. Can I adjust the temperature of the heater?**
No, this heater does not have a temperature adjustment feature. It operates at a fixed temperature.

**5. How can I purchase this product?**
You can purchase this product on Amazon by clicking [here](

## Conclusion

The andily 500W Space Electric Small Heater is a compact and efficient heater designed for home and office use. With a safety power switch and a sleek black design, this heater is a convenient addition to any desk. While it doesn't have temperature adjustment, it operates at a fixed temperature to provide consistent warmth. Stay cozy and comfortable with this small heater during the colder months.

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