Lennox LCH060H4EN1G 5 TON 2 Stage Cool Convertible Rooftop ELEC/ELEC Package Unit NO Heat 460/60/3 17 SEER R410A

Lennox LCH060H4EN1G is a 5 ton 2 stage cool convertible rooftop ELEC/ELEC package unit. It does not contain any heating functionality and runs on 460/60/3 power. With an impressive 17 SEER rating, this unit provides energy-efficient cooling for your space. Made in the USA, it is a reliable and durable option for your cooling needs.

This Lennox package unit features a convertible airflow design, allowing for flexibility in installation. The refrigerant used in this unit is R410A, which is known for its environmentally-friendly properties. With a CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating of 1750, it can effectively cool a large area.

The dimensions of this unit are 47" in height, 87" in width, and 47" in depth. It is important to note that this model does not include heat kits. However, heat kits with different power capacities are available separately: E1EH0075AN1G (7.5KW), E1EH0150AN1G (15KW), and E1EH0225N1G (22.5KW).

Overall, the Lennox LCH060H4EN1G is a high-quality cooling solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Its 2 stage cooling capability, energy-efficiency, and sturdy construction make it a reliable choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does this unit come with heating functionality?

  2. No, this Lennox package unit does not have heat functionality.

  3. What power source does this unit require?

  4. This unit runs on 460/60/3 power.

  5. What is the SEER rating of this unit?

  6. This unit has an impressive SEER rating of 17, ensuring energy-efficient cooling.

  7. Are heat kits included with this model?

  8. No, heat kits are not included with this model. They are available separately in different power capacities.


The Lennox LCH060H4EN1G is a 5 ton 2 stage cool convertible rooftop ELEC/ELEC package unit that offers efficient and reliable cooling. With its high SEER rating and environmentally-friendly refrigerant, it is an excellent choice for cooling large spaces. Made in the USA, this Lennox unit guarantees durability and quality. However, it's important to note that it does not come with heating functionality. If you're looking for an outstanding cooling solution, the Lennox LCH060H4EN1G is definitely worth considering.

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