Ceramic Air Heater: An Efficient Solution for Heating Small Spaces

Looking for an efficient electric heater to keep your small space warm? The Ceramic Air Heater is a high-performance heating solution that is perfect for small instruments, appliances, and other areas that require constant temperature heating.

The Ceramic Air Heater features a PTC ceramic heating element and an aluminum tube, ensuring low thermal resistance and high heat transfer efficiency. This means that you can enjoy quick and effective heating in your space.

With automatic constant temperature and energy-saving capabilities, this electric heater is designed to provide optimal heating without consuming excessive energy. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for keeping your space warm during cold weather.

The PTC ceramic air heater also offers surface insulation and high security, making it a safe option for use in various applications. Whether you need to heat an air conditioner, electric heater, instrument, general appliance, air curtain machine, or humidifier, this ceramic air heating element can meet your needs.

Here are the specifications of the Ceramic Air Heater:

  • Material: Aluminum & Plastic

  • Weight: 143g/5oz

  • Heating material: PTC thermistor

  • Heating mode: Heat through the flow of air

  • Heating life: Over 3 years

  • Power: 200W / 300W (Optional)

  • Voltage: 110V (the bare line is connected, regardless of the positive and negative pole, the rated voltage can be)

  • Mounting Hole Distance: 100*44mm (mounting hole: 8*4mm waist hole)

  • Corrugation Length: 76mm

  • Size: 120*51*26mm/4.7*2*1inch

The Ceramic Air Heater is compact and easy to install, making it ideal for use in small spaces. The package includes one PTC Ceramic Air Heater, and please note that the color is random.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PTC ceramic heating element?

PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient. A PTC ceramic heating element is a type of heating element that automatically regulates its electrical resistance to ensure a steady and controlled temperature output.

Can I use the Ceramic Air Heater in a large room?

The Ceramic Air Heater is designed for small instruments, appliances, and small space heating. It may not be suitable for heating large rooms efficiently.

Is the installation of the Ceramic Air Heater complicated?

No, the Ceramic Air Heater is easy to install. Simply follow the provided instructions and ensure that you connect the bare line without considering the positive and negative poles.


The Ceramic Air Heater is an effective and energy-efficient solution for heating small spaces. With its PTC ceramic heating element and aluminum tube, it ensures high heat transfer efficiency and surface insulation. It is versatile and can be used in various applications, making it a valuable addition to your heating options.

Experience the benefits of the Ceramic Air Heater and keep your small space warm this winter. Buy now on Amazon.com.

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